Rancho Simi Insurance offers Ride-hailing insurance coverage through Mercury Insurance.

Driving for a ride-hailing company is a great way to earn some extra cash and even earn a living. Like with all businesses you need to make sure you are protected accordingly. Mercury Insurance offers a great endorsement on to the private passenger policy for you. This is the Protection for you when coverage does not exist under the TNC Insurance coverage plan.

Here's how it works.

The Company for which you drive only provides limited insurance coverage during the time your ride-hailing app is on, but haven’t yet accepted a fare (Period 1). Once you accept a fare or are transporting a fare, you will have coverage under the commercial insurance policy for the company for which you drive. 

It is very important to understand, however, that your personal auto insurance policy only provides coverage when your ride-hailing app is off. This means that when your app is on and you're looking for a fare, you probably aren't fully covered.


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